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Sights in Marsaxlokk

Sights in Marsaxlokk

In Marsaxlokk there isn’t much to see. The city has a nice bay, full of colorful traditional Maltese boats, also known as Dghajjes- or Luzzu-boats. The attraction #1 is the market. In the centre is a beautiful big church surrounded by old houses. Not far away from Marsaxlokk in the south lies the Fort St. Lucian. North-eastwards are an old church and the temples of Tas-Silg.

Fort St. Lucian in Marsaxlokk

The Fort St. Lucian lies southwards of Marsaxlokk on a small hill. It was built in 1610 by the Knights of St. John. It prevented the landing of the Turkish already after four years after its construction. Today the fort houses a marine biology institute. The fort is not open for the public.

The bay of Marsaxlokk

The bay of Marsaxlokk is full of colorful traditional boats, also known as Luzzu- or Dghajjes-boats. Marsaxlokk is the best known fishing village in Malta and has also the largest fishing fleet. The harbor-idyll is unique - you can sit comfortably on the promenade and eat or drink something. Maltese fishers can be seen mending the old nets or preparing the boats to leave.

Church und Centre of Marsaxlokk

In the centre of Marsaxlokk is an enchanting church with two towers. The name of the church is: Our Lady of Pompeii. The Maria-Statue on the roof between the two towers stands in a boat and is directed to the sea. In front of the church, also in the centre of Marsaxlokk is a nice market-place, surrounded by a statue, telephone-box, restaurants, old houses, etc. Opposite are the harbor and the starting point of the well known market. All together it shows a pictorial piece of scenery. The best way to enjoy this is to sit down in a cafe on the market place drinking a cool drink in the summer-heat.

Tas Silg in Marsaxlokk

The temple and church of Tas-Silg are located on a small hill not far from Marsaxlokk. The village Tas-Silg got its name from the christening church of Tas-Silg. This church is dedicated to the ‘Madonna of snow‘ (but in Malta there is no snow, so the Maltese word ‘silg‘ is used for both snow as well as ice). The findings are not very large.

However it is very informative. The following cultural-history could be reconstructed:
V. 900-1100 A.D. Arabian settlement
IV. 400-600 A.D. Byzantine church
III. 200 B.C. - 300 A.D. Roman sanctuary
II. 700 - 200 B.C. Temple of the Astarte
I. 3300 - 3000 Megalith Temple of the TARXIEN Phase

Market (Fish market) in Marsaxlokk

The daily market in Marsaxlokk starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. During the weeks it’s quite small, but on the weekend the whole promenade is full of stalls and people. Offered are all kinds of stuff, e.g. smaller hardware, clothing, jewelers and decoration, accessories, handbags, shoes, souvenirs, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and of course fish. However, fish and sea fruits are only offered until 12 o‘clock. The fish is really very fresh!

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