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Sights in Marsascala

Sights in Marsascala

Marsascala does definitely not count as a place with numerous sights and a long history, however as a foreigner there are some things to see. Here are some of the sights which can be found in Marsascala:

Cliff at St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala

Southwards of Marsascala lies the St. Thomas Bay. The bay is quite open to the sea and doesn’t reach in as far as the Marsascala Bay. There are some small sandy beaches, but most of the coastline consists of stones (can also be used as beach). The bay is partly surrounded by cliffs. You should be careful, especially if you go there with children, because there are no barriers to the cliff. It’s no problem to get to the edge of the cliff, which can be 10 meters high in some places. At the St. Thomas Bay there is also a snack-bar and a cafe.

Mamo Tower in Marsascala

This tower was privately build and represents one of the most interesting little fortifications still existing in Malta. The tower is formed as a St. Andrew’s cross, that’s unique. Also unique is the room in the middle of the tower - as you can see on the photo below. The ditch around the tower was cut into the limestone. During this undertaking a grave dating to the 3rd century was unveiled. The tower was recently restored.

The bay of Marsascala

The Marsascala Bay reaches far inside the inland. The whole bay is surrounded by a promenade, which has a nice architectural style. In the bay are numerous smaller boats, there under are also traditional Maltese boats - also known as luzzu-boats. On every spot of the promenade you have a nice view of the bay and the features of the city in the background. Very nice is also the St. Anne’s Parish Church, on the northern side of the bay. On the western side of the bay are cafes (name of the street: Triq ix-Xatt - main road through Marsascala). Southwards from the bay are restaurants and the cinema. And in the northeast are bathing areas, however there is no beach.

Zonqor Battery in Marsaskala

The order of St. John build a few batteries on the coastline, however when the English ruled the island they were seen as too old. It was essential to build a better protection with new, modern artillery. The Zonqor battery was one of them. It was built in 1886 and protected the bay of Marsascala. Intended were three 7-inches 6.5ton RML cannons, but it seems that no cannon was ever placed in the fortification.
Note: I am not quite sure whether there is a way to the battery or not. The whole battery seems abandoned.

Old salines in Marsaskala

In the east of the city are some old saline. These were used until the end of the Second World-War to produce salt and are quite in a good condition. They are very well recognizable from the promenade. The name of the street in which they are is: Triq is-Salini.

St. Thomas Tower in Marsascala

The St. Thomas Tower was ordered from the ruling grandmaster ’Alof de Wignacourt’ during that time. It was completed in 1615. The purpose of the tower was to protect the entrance of both bays, Marsascala Bay and St. Thomas Bay. The tower was also used to overlook the whole coastline. From the roof of the tower, signals could be transferred in direction to the capital city (Valletta). During the time in which the English ruled over the island, the tower was still in use to protect this area of the island.

St. Anne´s Parish Church in Marsascala

If you follow the promenade, it will lead you to an open space on which the main church is located. The building is quite new and was dedicated to St. Anne. During the month of July a feast is held in honor of St. Anne. The main church of the city was originally much smaller; however with an increasingly growing community a bigger church was needed. The first stone of the new church was laid on the 9th of August 1953. The style of the church combines the modern with gothic.

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