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Sights in Birzebbugia

Sights in Birzebbugia

There isn’t much to see in Birzebbuga. Most of the sights, like the three batteries, are too old or collapsed. The church and the Pretty Bay (Ramla ta’Birzebbuga) are the two nicest attractions in Birzebbuga. However, compared with other churches in Malta it’s quite simple and small.

The Pretty Bay could count to one of the best beaches in Malta; however the Malta Freeport and the pipeline or oil-tanks obliterate the wonderful sea view and scenery. A bit outside lies the temple ’Borg in-Nadur’. Only a small way leads to it and it seems more like a small garden instead of an ancient temple. More far outside is the cave Ghar Dalam, where the earliest evidence of human settlement on Malta, some 7,400 years ago, was discovered, the cave reaches around 144 meters far inside. Another cave lies 2 - 3 kilometers to the south from Birzebbuga. This cave is 130 meters above sea-level, which gives a nice view.

Monument in honor of Bush and Gorbatschow in Birzebbugia

Opposite of the Pinto battery is a monument which is dedicated to the historical meeting which took place in Maltese waters between the American president Bush and the Russian president Gorbatchev in the year 1989. However it rusts quite strong.

Three batteries in Birzebbugia

In Birzebbuga there are three batteries: (1) Ferreti Battery, (2) Battery and (3) Pinto Battery. The Pinto battery was built in the year 1752. It was used as an oil-tank for a long time. The batteries are quite old and not open for the public.

Temple Borg in-Nadur in Birzebbugia

The temple Borg in-Nadur lies a bit in the north of Birzebbuga. If you follow the street to Zejtun a turn to the left leads to a dirt-road (unfortunately the temple is not very good signposted). If you have found the dirt-road you almost can’t believe that there should be somewhere a temple, but there is. After a few hundreds meters is small gate on the left side - that’s the temple, believe it or not! Inside is a small garden!

Ghar Hassan: Cave 70metres above sea-level

Ghar Hasan is a natural from water formed cave around 70 meters above sea-level. The view from the cave is fantastic. The name ’Cave of Hassan’ originated from the myth of a man who lived there together with a Maltese woman in the 11th A.D. century after the island was conquered by the Christians. When the Christian soldiers were approaching, it is said that he jumped with his beloved from the cave into the sea.

Location and arrival at Ghar Hassan: The cave lies 2-3km southwards from Birzebbuga. The bus line 13 takes you till Hal-Far. The other line, 12, takes you to Kalafrana. In both cases you still have a far way on foot in front of you.

Church and centre in Birzebbugia

In the centre of Birzebbuga is a nice church (like everywhere in Malta). In front of the church is a huge paved place. In Birzebbuga are some old houses which are very nice, however nothing special. The unofficial centre of the city is at the Pretty Bay.

Ghar Dalam: Museum and cave in Birzebbugia

In the valley of Dalam, a little bit outside of Birzebbuga, lie the cave and the museum of Ghar Dalam. It is a 144 meters long, natural, from the water formed cave. The cave is one of the most important findings in Malta. In the ’cave of the darkness’ bones of animals, e.g. Elephants, bears, hippopotamus, etc. were found. The numerous collections of bones could be explained with the thesis that the ceiling of the cave burst open and the water carried animals into the cave. Many findings were already analyzed in 1865. The cave was closed for the public until 1930. In 1980, many findings were stolen and never recovered. During the Second World War the cave was used as bomb shelter. Very interesting are the different layers of stones. The small museum offers information about the cave and shows some findings.

Location of the cave and arrival: The cave lies a bit outside of Birzebbuga - coming from Zejtun on the right side. The bus-line 11, 12 and 13 pass here from Valletta. As a tourist you will definitely miss the bus-stop, so its better you ask the bus-driver for assistance.

St. George`s Chapel and Bay in Birzebbugia

In front of the street turning to Zejtun lies the St. George’s Chapel. It was built in 1683 by the Knights of St. John. It is the only fortified chapel/church in Malta and was only reachable over a drawbridge in the past. Interesting is the inscription over the door: ’NON GODE L’IMMUNITA ECCLESIAS. ’ -> That means that the church didn’t offer right of asylum and therefore no protection/right from persecution.

The St. George’s Bay is used as a harbor. Many smaller boats are here. Around the bay leads an older promenade. On a small edge is a very small beach - the other sides of the bay are surrounded with rocks. There is also a small children’s playground beside the main road.

Pretty Bay(Ramla ta’Birzebbugia) in Birzebbugia

The main attraction in Birzebbuga is the Pretty Bay. In the Maltese language the bay with the enchanting beach is called: Ramla ta` Birzebbuga. The beach is clean and the water is glassy. Behind the beach are two football-grounds and behind that some nice sitting areas with nice green spaces. The bay is surrounded with a nice promenade and old houses. Beside the bay are many cafes, some hotels and restaurants. The only thing that’s disturbing this nice idyll is the cranes of the Malta Freeport on the opposite, the eneMalta pipeline and oil-tanks and the air traffic.

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Sights in Mdina and Rabat

The whole city of Mdina is worth seeing. The city consists of many small alleys, a huge city wall with three gates, a very nice cathedral (from inside as well as outside), an observation platform (from there you have a nice view over the northern part of Malta), and much, much more. Rabat whereas is a modern city. There are also some nice sights, as the St. Paul’s Church and Grotto, the Museum of Roman Antiquities and the St. Paul’s Catacombs. While Rabat is a bit more vital, Mdina offers more culture and history. Have fun looking through the pages.

Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi is a small sheltered bay in the south-west of Malta. The bay is not far from the Mnajdra temple.

St. Georges Bay

St.Georges Bay is a small beach in Paceville. The sand is not very beautifully, coarse-grained and brownish. The bay itself is very limited; one can only swim to a maximum of 150 - 200 meters out to sea, as from then onwards the area is reserved for anchoring boats, which also block the view to the open sea. The beach is very well frequented in the summer.

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